The digital ecosystem

for machine builders and producers

Transaction-Network is an enabler for machine building. Independently and transparently developed by industry insiders.
Affordable and maintenance-free as an SaaS solution.

Our vision:
Let’s get away from
silo thinking!

We build an independent digital ecosystem to connect companies, machines, data, platforms, and people. The result is a neutral platform for digital exchange, services, and new business on a horizontal process level.

Digital challenge

The digitalization of the industry demands a radical rethinking by machine manufacturers. It requires digital added value, customer centricity, and solutions that represent real differentiation. The time and financial investments are very high and quite often there’s a lack of digital expertise within the company.

This poses new challenges for the machine manufacturer:

  • Horizontal process integration, which means networking by machine builders in the manufacturing process of the end customer
  • Production line mapping
  • Convenient access to a digital machine file and operating data
  • Part identification and ordering
  • Convenient process integration to support the end customer (operator, project management)
  • Troubleshooting for malfunctions
  • Predictive maintenance
  • and more …


Affordable and maintenance-free as an SaaS solution

Transaction-Network offers support here and creates a digital ecosystem for machine builders and producers. A platform for asset management, performance data, training and know-how, customer service, commerce, and maintenance management.

Transaction-Network delivers more than just software. We don’t just build the software, we also operate it. Above all, we see this as including the preparation of data and the first steps for digitalization support for our machine builders.