For better customer loyalty ans new revenue


A smart digital platform
many satisfied customers

Enjoy easy interaction with your customers, full of effective activities and information. Thanks to our all-inclusive package and the fixed monthly price, you can digitize your after-sales service and generate new sales without any worries. Close to the customer, in the middle of your processes, with all the features you need to create great working moments together.

After-sales service with Transaction-Network means:

Better customer loyalty

Inspire your customers with a unique customer experience through simple and convenient interactions and a comfortable integration of all processes.


Keep pace with digitization through a technologically modern solution and this combined with low costs. This will ensure your future sustainability and competitiveness.

New revenue

Increase your after-sales revenue and open up cross-selling and upselling potential through efficient digital sales processes.


Optimize your environmental footprint through digital processes and technological capabilities. Because the climate concerns us all.

Efficiency in transactions.

This saves resources and costs.

“Providing new revenue and continuity in your service business That’s what drives us.”

Empowering the machine builder, to be digitally successful. That is our mission. It’s about machines, your customers, the digital experience of your customers together with you and thus the positive impact on your EBIT.

We are pleased that you are interested in Transaction-Network. Get to know our platform better and get in touch with us. Here, via LinkedIn or book a short exchange with our CEO Gerd Bart.


Markus Jäckle (COO), Gerd Bart (CEO), Matthias Maier (CTO)

Our vehicle for your growth strategy

Service becomes a business driver.
For this transformation, we have the right tool for you
on a functional, technological and strategic level.


Customer portal for stronger customer loyalty:The customer portal gives your customers 24/7 access to all information, allows them to identify and order parts, and interact with you in the event of service. In addition to your customers, you as a manufacturer also gain access to the platform and thus a holistic view of your customers, machines and all information, documentation and processes.

Functional solution for holistic after-sales management: Through the close integration of our four modules, we offer you a holistic solution for your after-sales and the greatest possible customer experience. Our four modules are: Our asset management with the digital machine file and the spare parts catalog incl. 2D/3D visualization. Our online shop– your digital sales channel and our customer service with maintenance calendar, ticket system and digital service file and our monitoring for the connection of live data and the automation of processes.

Environment for your long-term success: Transaction-Network offers you the technical possibility to map an ecosystem. In this way, we create the basis for you to become a business driver. Through our Asset Management Network, we bring together manufacturers, operators and service providers via the Digital Twin. These are the foundations for long-term success and digital transformation. We automate your business processes with a wide range of options. The workload reduction in the back office is quantifiable and has a high impact on your EBIT. Digital business processes generate new sales and customer loyalty. Ultimately, it’s about your strategic market advantage.

Technological basis for your digitization: This includes our managed services for your fast and affordable digitization, as we not only build the platform, but also operate and further develop it. Our data integration platform for easy connection of your data, our state-of-the-art technology as well as our commitment to industry standards like OPC-UA and IDTA’s Asset Administration Shell.

Enablement: As a building block of the overall Transaction-Network platform, we support you in introducing the platform in your company as part of our enablement program. You benefit from our many years of expertise resulting from digital successes with our numerous and well-known customers. Our strategic consulting can provide the answers to business case, economic calculations and the definition of the framework parameters for a cultural basis in the company. With our onboarding, we give you the tools to set the right course so that your digital project is a success internally within the company and externally with your customers. The international roll-out and change management within the company, done well, is one of the most important tasks for the success of the entire platform. We know how to do this and ensure the necessary and sustainable success.