The idea:
A solution that brings everybody together

We have been developing customer portals for many years. The process always travels along the same track with the machine builder and its end customer.
Market approaches tend to display rigid silo-type behavior.
However, end customers demand cross-manufacturer transparency over their production process and strong integration into in-house processes, which can be exemplified by the order-to-cash process.

We asked ourselves:

Isn’t it possible to have just one solution
that would make EVERYONE happy?

One platform that would connect the most diverse machines, data, platforms, companies, and the people who work with them?

No longer a silo solution, and no longer data chaos. Instead a transparent platform developed according to OPC-UA und GAIA-X guidelines that makes life easier for machine builders working within the food and beverage industry and their end customers.

It was also apparent to us: We couldn’t provide this based on an order from a specific company in the industry. We could only achieve it as an independent and neutral technology supplier. A technology supplier that does more than just supply: operate and design.

This was the birth of Transaction-Network

THE turnkey

SaaS leasing model (software as a service)
No capital investment, no operating costs

Step-by-step implementation

No expensive projects

Digitalization means competitiveness.

Customer loyalty …
through easy and convenient process integration

More sales …
through greater market access, value-added services, and part sales

Reduction of costs and more profit …
through more efficient transactions

Partnerships, networks, ecosystem …
because it’s no longer possible to survive alone in the long term

End customers demand transparency …
in their production process and strong integration into
in-house processes, e.g. order to cash.

The possible solutions are limited

× Establish your own digital expertise.
Availability of experts? Focus on your own business?

× Establish in-house software solutions such as Shop, IoT solutions.
Large investments of time and money.

× Establish your own platform that only services your own customers.
Another silo solution on the market.

× Commission a systems integrator to create these preconditions? Very high financial investment, no further development, and not sustainable.

× Is the level of digital maturity in-house sufficient?

Our role
in Transaction Network

We deliver more than just software.

Build – Operate – Design

Software development in accordance with today’s
principles and open standards.

Data preparation and digitalization support
as essential onboarding success.

Enable new revenue models together
with the machine builder.