Behind the scenes of Transaction-Network

For several years, we kept returning to the discussion about Transaction-Network. We have only now implemented it due to the high degree of complexity and the associated high financial investment.

For a long time, the market was not yet mature enough for a digital ecosystem.

The people behind

Portrait Gerd Bart, Geschäftsführer

Gerd Bart

Managing director

Managing director and founder

The C-64 computer, MS-DOS, GW-Basic, and programming my first CNC machines. This shaped my youth. It was no surprise that I left behind my first footprints in this area. Already in 1998, I developed and wrote my own CMS system for smaller companies. It wasn’t long before I was hired as a software developer.

This was followed by various stepping stones in mechanical engineering, pharmacology, and retail sectors. I took on various roles working in the areas of consulting, business development, and strategy development as well as in management positions. The course of my career was shaped to a large degree by my connection to marketplaces and building my own platforms.

Over the last few years, I have strategically developed, designed, and built numerous portals for machine builders. However, all of these only created digital island solutions with a very high financial and personal investment for the company. There has never been a platform like Transaction-Network until now.

Comrades-in-arms and the team

The idea, the conceptualization, and the planning of a company like this can’t be done by one person. In addition to a great deal of input and feedback from friends, partners, customers, and our investors, the cooperation and collaboration of Mathias Bösch has been a big support.

Mathias was responsible for the implementation of the customer portal myBühler of Bühler Holding AG, Uzwil, Switzerland. The collaboration was extremely fruitful and gave rise to numerous synergies and a very friendly working relationship. Both have a lot of interest in technologies and in particular how to use technologies to discover useful fields of application and increase the value of companies.

Today, Transaction-Network is comprised of a team with 24 of energetic colleagues with many years of expertise. We turn ideas into successes together.  Product development, architecture, DevOps, and recently also the management of our marketing are important roles, which have been successfully filled and enrich the team.