The XRM as a central platform
for your 360° view of your machines.

The term Extended-Relationship-Management (XRM), is based on the ideas of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). The X here stands for extended, because not only customer data as in a CRM (Customer), but all necessary data and their relationship are mapped in an XRM system.

Today, numerous software providers use this fashionable term for themselves. But only a few offer you a true XRM system. Through our asset management, where all information on machines, equipment, parts, design data and customer data is stored, as well as through our online store, where all offers and sales made are visible, and ultimately through our service file in the Customer Service module with all service calls, contract documents and service reports, we offer a true 360° view of all data and their relationships to each other.

Transaction-Network at one glance

Transaction-Network is the most comprehensive XRM system for mechanical engineering. In addition, the data in our Asset Management Network is enriched by other stakeholders. This gives you comprehensive information about your machines and the installed base. This is the basis for more revenue in after-sales.

How we support you

Cost savings: One central platform instead of many stand-alone solutions

Time savings and information quality: Central maintenance of all relationships and transparent, up-to-date access for all parties involved.

Extensive analyses: Crosslinking of complex information networks to increase after-sales performance