Strong expertise –
the makers of the customer portals in mechanical engineering

We, the founders of Transaction-Network Gerd Bart, Markus Jäckle and Matthias Maier, have been working in the mechanical and plant engineering sector for many years and know the challenges of the industry very well. The industry is in a state of flux: product sales are stagnating or even declining in many places. Manufacturers can only counter this by further developing their service business. Digital solutions form the basis for this.

The big players in the industry recognized this years ago and started building customer portals. The brains behind Transaction-Network have played a leading role in the launch of the first established portals on the market. These include myBühler from Bühler Holding AG, myMultivac from Multivac SE & Co.KG, and KHS Connect from KHS GmbH.
At that time, these were customized development projects that resulted in long implementation times and very high costs for the machine builders. On the one hand, licenses for the basic SAP product had to be purchased and, on the other hand, a system house had to be contracted for the individual setup of the portal. In addition, there were high costs for the continuous further development of the portals.

Markus Jäckle (COO), Gerd Bart (CEO), Matthias Maier (CTO)

After many discussions, including with SMEs, it quickly became clear to us that industry-wide digitization could not function in this way. Smaller companies in particular usually do not have the human and financial resources that individual customer projects require. In addition, digitization cannot be successful in the medium and long term if each machine manufacturer provides its own self-contained portal that does not allow for industry-wide networking.

Our mission –
why Transaction-Network exists

The first ideas and concepts for Transaction-Network emerged from the above-mentioned experiences and discussions between 2016 and 2019. In 2020, partners and investors from the mechanical engineering sector were gained, so that the company was founded by Gerd Bart in January 2021. Transaction-Network’s clear mission is: We want to enable the machine and plant manufacturer to be digitally successful. With today’s Transaction-Network platform, we want to give the industry a tool for growth in service and work together to ensure that service becomes a business driver.

What was important to us in building Transaction-Network’s current platform:

We want to accompany the mechanical and plant engineering industry on its way to becoming a digital champion and create the opportunity for service to become a business driver. We don’t just provide individual functional solutions, but rather a tool for strategic growth so that you can retain your customers in an ecosystem.

We want to move away from silo applications and heterogeneous data and processes. That is why we attach great importance to interlinked processes and holistic after-sales management.

We see ourselves as a partner to our customers and are aware of the concerns and challenges related to data, lack of resources, and other priorities. As part of our enablement program, we work together to ensure successful implementation in your company and would like to share our expertise with you.

Today, we provide our customer portal as a software-as-a-service solution. The fixed monthly rental fee therefore makes digitization affordable and quick to implement. Another great benefit is the continuous further development, so that we want to ensure permanent digitization for our customers.

We attach great importance to a technologically high-quality solution tailored to the needs of machine and plant construction, especially also in special machine construction. We rely on state-of-the-art technology, the highest security measures and an open architecture that incorporates industry standards.


Gerd Bart
A doer – a forward thinker – a visionary

For numerous top companies such as Bühler AG in Switzerland, KSB SE & Co. KG, Gerhard Schubert GmbH, United Grinding Group, Multivac Sepp Haggenmüller SE & Co.KG or even a Kaltenbach GmbH & Co. KG in Lörrach, Gerd Bart has been a discussion and sparring partner with regard to the digital transformation of companies for many years.

Today, with over 25 years of experience in e-commerce, sales, service, and marketing, he focuses on how technology can be used to add value to businesses. Above all, he is driven by topics such as the digital dovetailing of processes on platforms, making software usable as a finished service, and integrating new technologies such as AI and IoT.

I am an enthusiastic entrepreneur: the creation of Transaction-Network, a platform that provides a tool for growth strategy in the engineering sector, was the logical consequence.

Empowering the machine builder to be digitally successful in sales and processes. That’s what drives me. My passion is digitalization and the associated process efficiency.