United Grinding opts for Transaction-Network

The UNITED GRINDING Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of precision machines for grinding, eroding, laser, measuring and combination machining. With its 8 corporate brands, the Group is one of the world market leaders.

With Transaction-Network, the UNITED GRINDING Group has found the right solution for asset management and commerce after a long evaluation of several providers.

The decisive factor in the decision was the extensive range of asset Managementsfunctions available on Transaction-Network. This enables the consolidation and management of all machine data and machine documentation. In doing so, the UNITED GRINDING Group was also particularly keen to share and use machine information across all stakeholders. Transaction-Network makes this possible through theAsset Management Network, which serves as the single point of truth, ensuring the most current and accurate data source for all stakeholders and eliminating data silos.

Another point in favor of Transaction-Network was the open software architecture and the associated ease of integration of the platform into the existing system landscape. Thus, Transaction-Network will serve as a dataprovider for the in-houseC.O.R.E technology and thus be closely interwoven with the existing application. C.O.R.E stands for “Customer Oriented REvolution” and is the cross-brand hardware and software architecture of the United Grinding Group presented at EMO 2021. C.O.R.E offers the most advanced touchscreen user interface in the machine building industry while providing experienced users the ability to switch to native CNC control at any time.

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