Customer portal for B2B
efficient customer service

Customer loyalty and satisfaction start with fast and efficient customer service. Transaction-Network offers you a digital customer portal for this purpose, which combines all the information and processes required for comprehensive customer service. The innovative interlocking of all these processes enables comprehensive and simple service, end-to-end after-sales management, for the best possible customer experience.

Our B2B customer portal is a fast and efficient solution for unique customer service around the clock. With simple and affordable digitization through our customer portal, you stay competitive and help your mechanical engineering company to be more successful.


Digital customer portal –
Customer centricity next level

With comprehensive and digital customer service, you can meet today’s increasing customer demands. Young machine builders crave digital applications and inexperienced operators depend on simple information transfer.

The solution is our digital B2B customer portal optimized to customer needs, which provides easy 24/7 access to all the information you need. We have understood that the customer is the most important asset in mechanical engineering. That’s why we want to start digitization where machine builders and customers meet.

With our digital B2B customer portal, you won’t just be offering your customers a product in the future. But you also offer a fast and efficient overall solution. You become a trustworthy contact person for your customer, who additionally supports that everything runs smoothly. In this way, you deliver exactly what customers need at a time when there is a shortage of skilled workers and demographic change.

For those looking for a holistic and new solution for customer service, our B2B customer portal is optimal. Take your customer service to the next level with 24/7 customer engagement and effective service processes. In addition to an ingenious customer experience, our customer portal is also the basis for new business and revenue models.

It enables a more targeted sales approach as well as targeted campaigns. By making the right offer at the right time, you increase sales with better cross-selling and upselling.


All the advantages of our digital
customer portal at a glance

Available 24/7: The customer gets a central and easy access to all important information, which is available for him 24/7

Simple and comprehensive: The interlocking of all processes and information makes the B2B customer portal an uncomplicated solution that holistically covers all areas

Higher sales: through more satisfied customers and more opportunities for cross- and upselling

Unique Customer Experience: The customer-centric B2B customer portal facilitates customers’ everyday business through simplicity and efficiency

Stronger customer loyalty: Customers are not lost to third-party providers


Structure of Transaction-Network’s
customer portal

Good customer service includes a whole range of services that need to be covered. This includes topics such as information provision, rapid spare parts supply, fast processing of service requests and, increasingly, digital monitoring of machines. Our B2B customer portal bundles all these processes in our Asset Management, Online Shop, Customer Service and Monitoring modules.

We build a digital ecosystem for you, connecting businesses, machines through your assets, data, platforms and people. This creates a neutral platform for digital exchange, services and new business at the horizontal process level.

With two different views of the platform, it is ensured that both you as manufacturers and your customers are provided with precisely tailored information.

On the one hand, customers get their access via the Customer App, which allows them to view all relevant information. All information about machines, parts, orders, service activities and other customer-specific data can be viewed there super-simply and quickly.

In the Manufacturer App, you as a manufacturer get your access and all data on customers and machines bundled in one place. Thus, you have the optimal overview of your customers as well as machines and their parts lists. This provides a view of the installed base in the field.


The customer portal as an
all-round carefree package

The added value and benefits of a customer portal have already been recognized by a large number of machine and plant manufacturers today, but many companies, especially medium-sized enterprises, still find it difficult to set up digital after-sales solutions. The reasons for this can be attributed to two main factors: (1) the investment of too much time and money and (2) a lack of digital expertise and overloading of existing resources in the company.

So that you can concentrate fully on digitizing your business, we offer you a simple and cost-efficient way. Because we provide you with our customer portal as a software-as-a-service solution. This means that you do not need any additional human and financial resources for the construction and operation of the customer portal, but can rely completely on us.

We lay the foundation for you in terms of digitization and act as an enabler. We want to enable you to digitize your after-sales service quickly, easily and affordably. Since we are vendor-independent and build our platform on standards, we are open to any vendor and the connection of any systems and platforms.

When operating the platform, you benefit from our high availability and security as well as reliable support. Our goal is to continuously expand and develop the platform together with our customers.

How to inspire customers
with the B2B customer portal

Our customer portal for B2B creates a place where your customer can interact with you in an uncomplicated way. Self-service on the customer side means that they are no longer dependent on your availability, but benefit from 24/7 service. He can quickly find all the information he needs and feels well supported even when he lacks the necessary know-how.

Our customer portal is optimally tailored to the needs of the customer and thus offers him real added value. Modern customer requirements are met by digitizing your customer portal. Don’t start your digitization at internal processes, but where it really matters to the customer.