Two views on the platform

In order to provide both you as a manufacturer and your customers with the greatest possible convenience and tailored information, there are two views of the Transaction-Network customer portal.

The Customer App gives all your customers access to the platform and all the information relevant to them – their machines and parts, their orders and service activities, and all other customer-specific data.

The Manufacturer App gives you, the manufacturer, access to data and information across all your customers and machines. This gives you a view of all your customers, the associated machines and their information and parts lists. Thus a view over the installed base in the field.

A platform designed as a network

With Transaction-Network, we are deliberately vendor-independent and build the platform on standards. This means we are open to any vendor and open to connecting any systems and platforms.

We are building an independent digital ecosystem that connects businesses, machines and your assets, data, platforms and people. This creates a neutral platform for digital exchange, services and new business at the horizontal process level.

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Customer App

Your customers' view of all data relevant to them.

Manufacturer App

The view for you as a manufacturer on the installed base.


The open network of Transaction-Network.