Partnership WaveAccess and Transaction-Network

DER MASCHINENBAU reports on the partnership between Transaction-Network and WaveAccess. The two companies are working in partnership to develop Transaction-Network’s customer portal software.

‘We are looking forward to working with Transaction-Network. Their expertise coupled with ours will help support the digitization of the engineering industry’, says Stanislav Appelganz, Head of Business Development at WaveAccess. ‘Through the opportunities offered by digitalization, and in particular also through the use of such platforms as those provided by Transaction-Network, machine builders can increase productivity, improve efficiency and quality, and meet current market demands.’

‘Transaction-Network brings to this partnership many years of industry experience in mechanical engineering, while WaveAccess provides expertise in software development,’ adds Markus Jäckle, COO at Transaction-Network. ‘Our strength is developing open platforms that can be easily used as an ecosystem by our customers with all devices at any time. Together, we will help industrial companies stand out from the competition through native platform operation.’

Feel free to read the full press releases here.

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