We are glad you’re interested in working for Transaction-Network. We are looking for passionate digitizers. Are you part of it?

We are convinced: an innovative, pragmatic and heart-warming operating atmosphere only comes about when a strong team pulls together. We invite you to join us.

Who are we?

We are an innovative, motivated and high-performance team. Mobile office, internationality and the associated impact on our cooperation is common practice for us. Today we are in 4 countries.

You can find out more information, our values and about the people in the Core Team here: We – (transaction-network.com)

What makes us special?

We tackle it together, supporting each other where necessary. Fair, appreciative cooperation with a large dose of down-to-earthness is in our nature. Our Superpower? The fun and joy of empowering the mechanical engineer and becoming digitally successful. This is how we put a smile on our customers’ faces.

What are our benefits?

We are of the clear opinion that people can only be committed to the company through intrinsic factors. We ensure these factors at all times and they are stored as OKR:

  • Security
  • Social needs
    Acceptance, sense of belonging, communication, social exchange and community.
  • Appreciation
  • Self-realization
  • Healthy balance between work and rest.
    Only a healthy and vital person can provide the necessary performance for the team.

How we work?

100% agile, together in and as a team. Completely focused on our customers and the results.

What should you bring?

Be curious about customers, team and always new input from the outside for your work.

Your actions, your interaction with other people, your results show whether you are professional or not By the way, professionalism is not a question of education, experience or age.

Man-of-Action Mentality
Walk the talk is one of our most important values – in our parlance it also means: Don’t babble – do it.

Hohe Affinität zur Digitalisierung.
Paperless office, virtual collaboration, AI-driven and cloud-based applications are shaping our everyday work. With our highly innovative Transaction-Network platform, we help the machine builder to digitize.

Selbständig- und Eigenverantwortlichkeit.
Everyone bears a great responsibility in what they do and we all empower each other to think independently and grow personally. We don’t take orders from anyone – but that also means taking responsibility for your actions.

Start your career in the Transaction Network team.


Here you can find our current vacancies as well as the opportunity to apply on your own initiative. We welcome anyone who would like to work with us. Be part of one of the movers and shakers of industrial digitalization.