Your customer portal on the high-tech road

We provide you with a modern infrastructure. With the decision for our Software-as-a-Service model, your digitization is outsourced to us and we, as an external service provider, provide and operate the platform for you on an as-needed basis.
This has the advantage that we take over the complete IT infrastructure such as data centers, hardware and licenses for our customers. This means that no personnel and material resources are tied up and you can concentrate on your core competencies – the machines and their digitization.

We also take care for the ongoing development, configuration, security, updating and operation of the solution. In our rental model this is included in the monthly usage fee, so there are no additional operating costs for you.

The advantages of our infrastructure

High availability
The entire infrastructure is designed to be highly available and redundant. Thus, we ensure a permanent availability of our platform of 99.5%.

Our infrastructure is highly scalable. If required, we can manually or automatically scale various components of the infrastructure at any time and confidently withstand even very high data volumes and a large number of active users.

A fluid and comfortable user interface is important for user acceptance. Through various architectural solutions such as index-based searches, data caching and asynchronous reloading of resources and content, we provide a constantly performing system. This reduces annoying loading times and unnecessary waiting times for the user.

Data security is our top priority. We use end-to-end TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption for all communications between users, servers and within our platform. In addition, data is stored encrypted in the database using AES-256 encryption algorithm.