Transaction Network
is more
than simply a customer portal for machine building

The digital ecosystem
for machine builders and producers


Machine overview (parts, information)

Machine history

Documentation (operating instructions) and spare parts catalogue

Cross-manufacturer lines view


Sale of spare and wear parts

Smart services

Sale of used machines


Performance data

Connecting machine data

Collection, analysis (machine learning), and data visualization

OEE – key figures, reporting
(overall equipment effectiveness)

Initiation of transactions on the basis of data and IIoT scenarios


Recording and planning jobs and making them available to the service management

Planning and controlling cleaning processes

Training & Know-how

Provision of an e-learning module for the presentation and distribution of learning materials

Provision of seminars, including booking function

Provision of FAQ lists and knowledge databases

Customer service

Maintenance and service calendar

Service requests and booking

Service history, documentation, and contracts

Our machine learning applications

Condition monitoring

Machine monitoring

Recognition of known error statuses and anomalies


Line monitoring

Recognition of unusual statuses and procedures

Remote diagnosis

Predictive maintenance

Early detection and prognosis of wear and errors

Planned maintenance instead of outages

Process optimization

Dated-based analysis and optimization of production processes

Increase in throughput, fewer bottlenecks, and less downtime

Increase in quality, efficiency, and fewer rejects

Always in cooperation with the machine builder. They supply the  knowledge. We supply the tools and the models.

Further benefits

Access at any time (24/7)

Use with every device

Easy to use (user experience)

Secured transactions and high security standards

Simple registration and immediate use