TN Enablement
We ensure your digital success

Open up new markets. Increase spare parts business. Keep up digitally. Our customer platform can help you meet these challenges. But the platform alone is not enough; you also need the right strategy and implementation for your digitization project.

For many years, we have been active in this environment and have provided strategic, methodological and technical support to well-knowm customers such as Bühler AG, United Grinding Group and Gerhard Schubert GmbH in the context of their digitization.

To ensure that your project is a success, we not only provide the technical solution with our platform, but also support you with our expertise as part of our enablement program.

You decide for yourself what support you need and select the right package based on your current situation. Our enablement includes consulting services across all phases of your project – from the discovery phase to the planning phase to implementation and ongoing transformation.


We would be happy to send you an information package by e-mail and give you an insight into how to turn your service into a business driver!


We accompany you from
strategy to implementation

We divide our enablement program into four phases. You choose the package that is right for you, depending on how far you have already progressed in your digitization.

Together, we make strategic decisions, clarify organizational issues and challenges, and address employee concerns. We support you from strategy definition and value-added analysis, through project organization and preparation, to implementation and roll-out.

Our goal is to answer the relevant questions together with you:

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We would be happy to send you an information package by e-mail and give you an insight into how to turn your service into a business driver!


This is how we support you
in the phases of our enablement

You have recognized the need for digitization in service, but you are still at the beginning and there are still many unanswered questions: How do I digitize and what does my strategy look like? What does the ROI look like and what will it cost me? Is the quality of my data sufficient?

Within the framework of workshops, we support our customers in the following areas:

  • Strategy definition: Joint analysis of your business ideas and visualization of the business model with the help of the TN Business Canvas.
  • Value-added analysis: Establishment of a concrete business case and ROI analysis for your company.
  • Readiness analysis: Analysis of your data and its quality and definition of system landscape, data flow and interfaces.

You have your strategy and your goals concretely in mind, but there are still some open issues before implementation: What does the project organization look like? What concrete preparatory work needs to be done in terms of data and systems?

In the planning phase, we are happy to support you in two areas:

  • Organization und Management: Definition of the time frame, structure of the project organization, definition of customer segments, pilot customers and pricing strategy, risk analysis, preparations Change Management
  • Technical project preparation: Detailed implementation of all preparatory measures relating to data, systems and processes

You have already done the groundwork in recent months and years and your data, processes, and systems are well structured. Now you have specific questions about the introduction of the TN platform: What support can I expect? How do I implement the project in the best possible way from a technical and business perspective?

We support and accompany you during implementation:

  • Development and implementation of interfaces
  • Support from your personal onboarding manager in all phases of implementation, from onboarding to go-live and roll-out.
  • Provision of the infrastructure: QA system, Prod system, integration platform, security audit.
  • Comprehensive project organization: Project Space, Support and Ticket.

Your personal Customer Success Manager will be happy to accompany you beyond the roll-out phase. In regular Jour-Fix he will support you in the following areas:

  • Further expansion of the platform and your digital service offerings
  • Review of KPIs and variance analysis
  • Commercialization of the platform
  • Definition of individual development strategies and growth drivers