The digital service file-
Delighting customers with transparent service processes

Optimal operation of your machinery and equipment requires asset support from your customers, the operators, and you as the manufacturer.

With our digital platform, we provide you with a tool with which you can work together with your customers on maintenance and service measures and thus ensure higher performance and satisfaction of your customers.

Via Transaction-Network you can provide your customers with all the service information they need, offer them a tool for their maintenance planning, enable them to initiate a service request and communicate directly with you, and ensure transparent documentation of all actions taken on the machine through the digital service file.


Reduce service requests
through self-service capabilities

By interlocking the individual modules on Transaction-Network, your customer has access to extensive information that is crucial in the event of maintenance and service. Relevant machine information, documentation, manuals, maintenance instructions and parts lists are made available to your customer via Asset Management. The online store provides your customer with the relevant information on prices, availability, order status and documents relating to orders and offers for required spare parts.

In addition to the simple and efficient handling of service requests, our primary approach is to significantly reduce the number of incoming service requests by providing your customer with this extensive information via the customer portal. Experience shows that today you receive the majority of service requests because the customer has information on spare parts, orders or documents such as CAD data or manuals. This need for information can already be covered to a large extent by a holistic after-sales platform, so that you will receive significantly fewer service requests in the future and thus significantly relieve your personnel resources in the service department.

Your Customer Service so far

Your Customer Service with Transaction-Network

Maintenance calendar, ticket system and service file –
Our service functions for your success

Via the machine details page, your customers can create a new maintenance job for the respective machine and thus independently schedule, perform and document regular maintenance, cleaning and checkups on the machine.

Your customer can view an overview of all upcoming maintenance jobs in the maintenance calendar and thus keep track of all measures.

In addition, the customer has the direct option of initiating a service request with you as the machine builder, which generates a service ticket. Via the ticket system, your customer can communicate with you and view the current status of the service request at any time. All measures are transparently documented in the digital service file, which can be accessed for each machine on the machine details page.


The added value of customer-oriented service processes

The added value for your customers

Your customer gets access to all the information he needs for optimal operation and maintenance.

You give your customer a tool with which he can easily schedule, perform and document his upcoming maintenance, cleaning and other measures on the machine.

Your customer can request your support and initiate a service request directly through the portal, 24/7 and digitally. In addition, he can view the current status of the request at any time via the digital service file and contact you.

The added value for you as a manufacturer

You inspire your customers with transparent processes and thus increase customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

Via your interface to the platform (Manufacturer App), you also have access to the service file across all machines and customers at any time.

You benefit from flexible and easy integration options into your existing ticket system, so that the processing of service tickets on your side can continue to take place comfortably in your familiar environment. Status updates and communication can be played out to the customer via interfaces.