Customer Service – Your digital service file

With our service module, we enable a simple and transparent service process for you and your customers. In the maintenance calendar, machine operators can plan, edit and track their upcoming maintenance and cleaning processes on the store floor. If the operator needs support, he can submit a service ticket and thus place a service request directly with the machine manufacturer.

Via the digital service file, all services and maintenance performed can be viewed by any user of the platform.

Your objective

You want transparent planning and tracking of service and maintenance orders and this across all partners.

How we support you

Creation of a digital service network between machine builder, service provider, customer and all other partners.

Provide a tool for recording, processing and tracking maintenance and cleaning.

Digital management of service requests and tickets as well as corresponding scheduling of service technicians.

Creation of a digital service file and thus transparent retrieval of all service and parts information, as well as the entire service and machine history.

Remote Service Options.

Connectivity to existing service platforms and resources.

By linking the Asset Management modules with the Service modules, we can provide a fully comprehensive service record.

An insight into our platform

Upcoming maintenance can be planned and controlled via the maintenance calendar.

If service is required, the machine operator can place a service request directly with the machine builder. A ticket is created for each request and displayed in the ticket overview.

In addition, the maintenance reports can be viewed.

The benefits for

Increase in service revenue on existing products.

Increase in customer satisfaction through fast service and reduction of downtimes.

Increase in transparency through getting insights into the maintenance processes of your end customers.