Asset Management –
for transparency and efficiency

A well thought-out asset management strategy is the key to greater success and efficiency in mechanical engineering. At Transaction-Network, asset management is the heart of the entire platform. It ensures that all information is bundled and accessible at all times. In this way, we create transparency and ensure the best possible customer experience by making all important machine data available digitally.

Through the innovative interlocking of our asset management with all relevant processes for holistic after-sales management, we lay the foundation for high customer satisfaction and further business models. At Transaction-Network, asset management is more than just a spare parts catalog. It meets versatile requirements and helps you to prepare all information in an optimal way.


Active asset management –
all data in 360° view

Reliable and complete preparation of all important machine data is the cornerstone for success for machine builders. With quantitative asset management, you create maximum transparency across all relevant data. Master data, documents and instructions, which are often located in different places, are bundled and made accessible at any time by digitizing them. This gives dealers, customers, partners and employees a 360° view of all relevant data at all times. These include:

  • Master data of the machine
  • Technical specifications
  • Manuals and documentation
  • Wiring diagrams
  • Information on spare and wear parts
  • Drawings, 2-D and 3-D models
  • Machine-relevant service information
  • Performance parameters

The holistic view of all this information and the simultaneous dovetailing with all relevant after-sales service processes form the basis for the expansion of digital services. This asset management strategy increases your efficiency and provides customers and partners with the best possible and easiest access to all machine-relevant data and information. This makes it much easier to identify spare parts and receive maintenance notes and service information much faster.


All advantages of our asset management at a glance

The digitization and bundling of all relevant machine data is the cornerstone for further digitization processes and the basis of the Digital Twin This is how you remain competitive in the digital age.

They create the basis for new data-based services and new business models that result in additional revenue streams and, consequently, an increase in after-sales service revenue.

Interlocking with relevant processes from after-sales service opens up potential for new business models and data-based services. These additional revenue sources ultimately result in an increase in sales.

The transparent 360° view and 24/7 self-service access to all data ensure an optimal customer experience. This increases customer satisfaction and results in stronger customer loyalty.

Customers can solve many problems in self-service. In addition, the digital preparation of data makes print documents superfluous. This ensures fewer service employee deployments and increases sustainability in mechanical engineering.

Fewer service requests and faster, uncomplicated access to all relevant data, as well as the link with the holistic after-sales service, ensure more efficient processes in everyday work.


This is what efficient asset management looks like
at Transaction-Network

At Transaction Network, the asset management strategy goes far beyond a digital spare parts catalog. Because we have understood that demands are diverse. That’s why our platform provides you with a fully comprehensive asset management system that bundles all information relating to machinery and equipment. Our quantitative asset management consists of three components:

Your customers receive an overview of your machines and equipment via the digital machine file platform and can call up specific information on each machine. The digital machine file bundles all machine information and customers can jump from here to machine-relevant information and processes, such as manuals, technical specifications or the parts list.

All relevant machine information for each individual machine is stored in bundled form in the digital machine file. From here, customers and manufacturers can view all relevant data at lightning speed and gain efficient access to all important processes. This includes, for example, manuals, technical specifications or parts lists.

The digital spare parts catalog as the second essential component of comprehensive asset management makes it possible to identify spare and wear parts easily and quickly. Interactive 2D and 3D models as well as extensive visual navigation options illustrate and simplify this process many times over. In addition, the close link to the online store ensures that spare parts can be placed in the shopping cart directly from the parts list. This makes it very easy to place orders.

The digital twin (asset twin) is the bundling of all machine information in one place in digital form. The Asset Twin is thus the interface between the virtual and real worlds. It largely helps to build a foundation for further digital business models. As such, it is one of the greatest achievements of our holistic asset management. The digital twin has several manifestations, which form a basis before the data-based service. IDTA’s data exchange format (AASX) allows a digital twin to be created for each machine in a standardized form.

Continuous after sales service
through active asset management

To make you successful and competitive as a machine builder, we at Transaction-Network always focus on your customers. Through a holistic after-sales service, you ensure sustainable customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Our active asset management is one of the basic building blocks for efficient, customer-oriented and clear after-sales service. The interlocking with other relevant modules is what makes end-to-end after-sales service possible in the first place.

The interlocking of asset management and the online store, for example, enables commerce processes to be triggered directly. Through the connection to Customer Service, digital service files can be accessed and, together with monitoring, the performance of a machine can also be tracked through Asset Management. All relevant data and processes are processed and bundled together in the digital machine file. With Transaction-Network’s Asset Management, you have a well-functioning overall solution for the preparation of all relevant data that is integrated into other processes.