Asset Management Network
The collaborative extension

With our Asset Management Network, machine information can be shared and used together.

Our asset management is fundamentally designed as a network, providing a standardized, common platform for all stakeholders within our ecosystem. The Asset Management Network serves as the single point of truth and is the always up-to-date and accurate data source for all parties involved in the maintenance process. The number of data silos will be eliminated.

By stakeholders, we mean all entities involved in the machine maintenance cycle, such as distributors, manufacturers, service points, technical service providers, component manufacturers, and ultimately, ostensibly, the machine operator.

They all have the need and at the same time the goal to optimize the machine during its entire life cycle and to make all information available at any time for any condition. This collaboration takes place via the Digital Twin (here the Asset Twin). It acts as a central repository, allowing stakeholders to share information. The goal a digital 360° view of the physical machine.

Your objective

The Transaction-Network platform with the Asset-Management Network module is the common basis for machine builders and operators. The machine builder provides his master data, any documentation, CAD data and further additional information for his machines. The machine operator has access to the data and can use it for its own systems if necessary. A process without media discontinuity, always up-to-date and audit-proof for all documents.

Asset Management Network

How we support you

Collaborative asset management by centralizing your information in one place and providing access to your network of internal departments, customers, suppliers and partners.

24/7 access to all data via the self-service portal on any device (desktop, mobile, HMI, etc.).

Colloborative cooperation within the network through sharing common information.

Transfer of information in the Asset Management Network into your own PDM system

More reliable information leads to reduced service calls and maintenance costs

Transparency over your installed base.