After Sales Service rethought –
a total solution

Transaction-Network offers you a simple and inexpensive platform that already integrates all relevant after-sales processes. This allows customers and manufacturers to come together more effectively. The innovation of our digital after-sales management consists of a complete interlocking of the modules on our platform and thus of all after-sales processes relevant for you.

This enables a holistic and customer-oriented solution for your after sales service and management. Efficient after-sales service helps machine builders achieve greater digital success through improved customer retention and increased after-sales service revenue. With customer-oriented after-sales service, you can shape your digital future in mechanical engineering today.


End-to-end after sales management –
digital customer loyalty

A complete and customer-oriented after-sales service is becoming increasingly important in times of new technologies, high cost pressure and low margins. Particularly in mechanical engineering, customers expect a holistic after-sales service. Expand your service offering in mechanical engineering through comprehensive after-sales service with the help of a platform that covers everything.

Transaction-Network offers you the digital solution for better customer retention and more sales through targeted after-sales service. Instead of expensive individual solutions, we offer a complete and efficient system. Our platform is completely digital and ready to use in the shortest possible time. It allows fast and solution-oriented transactions between companies, systems and people.

Our customer portal includes all the functions needed to provide outstanding, end-to-end after-sales service in mechanical and plant engineering and closely interlinks the individual processes.

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All these services are covered holistically by our modules. Information on machines, equipment, parts, design data and customer data is stored in Asset Management. The online store can be used to order spare parts as well as to view order and offer history. The Customer Service Module provides a true 360° view of all service data and their relationships to each other. This includes service records including service calls, contract documents and service reports. Live data from the production status of the machines can be integrated via the monitoring applications and thus machines can be monitored. In this way, processes can be optimized by detecting errors at an early stage and taking proactive measures promptly. In this way, we create maximum transparency, which increases customer confidence. In addition, the efficient processes offer cross-selling and upselling potential.

Add-ons to expand your after sales service

In addition to the core modules that are fundamental to mechanical engineering (asset management, online store, customer service and monitoring), you can expand your after-sales service even further with innovative add-ons. These additional functionalities help to improve customer loyalty and are continuously being developed.

With Smart Documents, you can now manage information even more easily. Because this add-on turns simple into smart documents. The content is prepared in a way that is specific to different target groups, so that it can be accessed easily and quickly.

The integration of 3D Printer is also one of our innovative add-ons. This allows you to update your online store by triggering print jobs directly from there.

Increase sales and competitiveness
with targeted after-sales service

This gives you an immediate and holistic solution that can be implemented in a short time without much expertise or effort. A company that lacks digital competence can also benefit from this. Because improved, simple customer service will increase your service business revenues. Transaction-Network offers you a simple solution for after-sales service in mechanical and plant engineering.

With a digitized after-sales service, you increase your competitiveness. At the same time, the transparent and coordinated processes enable you to achieve greater customer loyalty through satisfaction and a unique customer experience.

Likewise, you contribute to sustainability with the digital processes. The ecological footprint should be close to every company’s heart. With technological processes you can optimize this and thus work for the climate.

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Further advantages of our after sales software

The innovation of our digital after-sales management consists of a complete interlocking of all individual processes. This enables a holistic and customer-oriented solution for your after sales service and management.

The integrated and coordinated processes ensure the perfect customer experience. The customer can access all data very quickly and easily. This increases user-friendliness and thus customer satisfaction.

Through interlocking the individual processes, you take after-sales service to a new level. Because that’s how you lay the foundation for new business models. A model like predictive maintenance, for example, would be inconceivable without interlocking the processes. Interlocked processes are therefore a good way of boosting profit potential through innovative business models.

Interlocking also helps to reduce individual process costs. It is the basis for an automated system and thus an important step in terms of time and cost efficiency. Last but not least, the interlocking of all processes simplifies the collaboration with a Digital Assistant. This is because the latter must be able to access all data holistically in order to work efficiently.

Innovative after-sales service – all goals at a glance

Higher sales in after-sales service

Consistent customers through improved customer retention and satisfaction

Competitiveness through digitization

Time and cost efficiency

A sustainable platform with development potential

Simple and holistic solution

Digital processes bring sustainability