Smart documents thanks to easybrowse

Targeted information at any time and any place. We make sure of this with our asset management.

With our easybrowse add-on, we are also able to turn simple documents into intelligent documents. With easybrowse you get a comprehensive solution for managing and providing information. We use it to prepare content targeted at different groups, such as service technicians, and display only the appropriate information.

You know how it is. You want a specific piece of information – open the PDF and have to read through the table of contents first, only to finally find the relevant information on page 345.

With our add-on we can display only the relevant information through our platform. Based on semantic searches or explicit links, all information, such as matching spare parts and activity descriptions for a maintenance job, can be displayed – simply on demand at any time.

They all have the need and at the same time the goal to optimize the machine during its entire life cycle and to make all information available at any time for any condition. This collaboration takes place via the Digital Twin (here the Asset Twin). It acts as a central repository, allowing stakeholders to share information. The goal: a digital 360° view of the physical machine.

This enables us to connect real machines or the digital twin with your technical documentation in digital form. This is because the generic and adaptable structural template for digital technical plant documentation is the essential prerequisite for the perfect equipment of the digital twin.

Take advantage of this absolutely targeted connection between your system and the right information in the right context. Let the network work for you and benefit from the intelligently detected connections of the information.

How we support you

Intuitive information and publication platform.

Information presentation tailored to the target group

Extensive search and filter functions

Connection of different sources (iiRDS, file system, individual connectors)