A digital network that simplifies the complex

For us a digital world means …

… bridging distances and differences. Digital networks enable close collaboration, where everyone is able to focus on their core expertise. Processes are automated, data is comparable, and business is simplified.

We would like to create a world like this.

We have been working on how to use technologies to discover useful fields of application and increase the value of companies for well over 20 years.  In particular how we can digitally mesh processes on platforms, use software as a complete service, and support technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) created through machine learning and the Internet of Things (IoT), resp. the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

By creating something new together, something greater than the sum of its parts arises in a network. Transaction-Network offers the machine building industry the technical platform for this and has positioned itself as an enabler in the market. The added value, services, and customer centricity are generated by the machine builder for their end customers.

Transaction-Network is a young company. Organized as a network, agile principles provide us with our guiding principles.

Professional, innovative, united.

This is what we stand for to build a solid and sustainable company.